Body Therapies

Body Therapies are an important component of general well-being and the benefits are numerous. With today’s busy lifestyle and environmental effects, body treatments can be a great way to release tension and relieve the body of toxic build up. You will feel more self confident, invigorated, refreshed and hydrated with total mind and body relaxation.


Release those dead skin cells to birth a new radiant you! Dry body brushing will loosen dead skin cells and assist lymphatic flow. Using a unique blend of mineral salts and essential oils this treatment will give the ultimate body polish and an ultrarich body cream will leave your skin totally nourished.


Choose from either an intensely soothing and hydrating treatment wrap or opt for a highly detoxifying antioxidant packed treatment.

Dry body brushing and a mineral salt scrub incorporating healing essential oils will leave you with soft, smooth skin from head to toe.

Using a synergy of our specialized drainage pressure point and remedial massage techniques we will target stress zones leaving you totally relaxed. Your customized body masque is then applied and we snugly envelope you while you receive your deeply sedating scalp massage. This treatment then includes an ultra rich hydrating cream with light massage, which will leave your skin tingling with refreshment.

Cellulite Wrap Treatment and Body Slimming Treatment $139 *Package of 6 Celulite Wraps for $699*

A body treatment incorporating highly active ingredients that are infused into the skin by wrapping. Lose centimetres and firm skin tone. An extremely effective treatment to tighten loose skin, eliminate fluid retention, and to leave your skin tingling.

A great treatment that targets and combats that orange peel skin.

These treatments are most effective when had once to twice a week, two to four weeks before a special event.