Microdermabrasion – LED – Skin Needling

Spoilt Rotten’s Cosmedi-peel Microdermabrasion offers a complete treatment that delivers skin resurfacing with light based therapy options to treat different levels of the skin, skin conditions and a number of concerns within any one treatment, resulting in quicker, longer lasting results.

Microdermabrasion  $89

An advanced exfoliation treatment that polishes fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation, congestion and rough, uneven skin. Ultra fine crystals pass over the skin & remove dead, dull skin cells and pore clogging impurities. Results are immediate, revealing brighter skin with improved clarity and more even tone.

The procedure can be used on the face, neck and chest and after treatment leaves the skin with a healthy glow. The client can then immediately resume their regular activities, with only mild skin pinkness, which generally fades within an hour or two.

Microdermabrasion with Hydro Glow Facial Treatment 60min $139

This facial optimally hydrates the skin after the microdermabrasion exfoliation treatment. Repair ampoules and milk protein peptides in replenishing creams and mask help restore and heal the skin.

Recommended in series of 6 treatments for optimal results.

LED – Dermal Light Therapy $49

Enhance your treatment, increase hydration, repair and revitalize your skin from the cells up!

This healing light treats all skin conditions, offers cellular rejuvenation and cell rebalancing using specific wavelengths that transmit their own frequency and vibration to stimulate a healing response.

LED – Monthly unlimited skin treatment light therapy $199

LED in addition to your skin treatment $29


Skin Needling – Derma Pen Collagen Induction Therapy  $199                    Anesthetic application for numbing  $49

Derma Pen technology uses multiple needles that vertically pierce the skin causing fine channels that can carry 80% more topical nutrients making this a superior treatment feeding the underlying cells in the dermis.

The advanced oscillating technology stimulates collagen reproduction and cellular repair. Skin needling is recommended to treat aged sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles plus scars (including acne, surgical and burns).