Phyto-Herbal Microdermabrasion

PHYTO PEELS– $159 – 60 mins

Whether it’s the early onset of wrinkles and pigmentation, or the pesky problem of breakouts and skin sensitivity, skin care experts agree on one thing: a gentle treatment with natural herbs and enzymes is the secret to reviving skin.

The biggest benefit of our Spoilt Rotten signature Phyto Peels are, there are no harmful micro-injuries inflicted on the skin’s delicate acid mantle, so the complexion won’t suffer from redness, irritation or sensitivity as a result.

Instead of causing injury by abrasing the top layers of skin off, as is done with micro-dermabrasion, the Phyto Treatment Mini Peel involves massaging active herbs into the skin and allowing them to slowly release their phyto-active vitamins, minerals and vital trace elements over 24 hours.

The result…
The regenerating compounded dried, crushed herbs create a high cell turnover and no downtime producing revitalised, softer, smoother, firmer skin. Pores are significantly reduced and congestion removed. Your skin will look clear, clean and hydrated. Post treatment you may look a little pink and have a temporary feeling of slightly ‘prickly’ skin.

PHYTO-RESTORE $159 – 60 mins

Revitalise and firm sun damaged, prematurely aged, dull, or stressed skin

PHYTO-CLEAR $159 – 60 mins

Detoxifies impure, congested, acne prone or problem skin and reduces oil flow

PHYTO-CALM $159 – 60 mins

Re-balances sensitised skin displaying signs of redness, couperose, or inflammation.

PHYTO-ENERGISE $159 – 60 mins

For sluggish, sallow, or sun damaged skin.


All Phyto Skin Treatments include an Enzyme Peeling Treatment.

Buy 3 Phyto Treatments and pay only $449!