Quantum IPL

Medical Grade Quantum IPL

IPL Hair Removal

IPL hair removal works as the light applied to the epidermis is absorbed by the melanin and transformed into heat, thus targeting the hair follicle. Only the “active hair” can be treated so a set of treatments is necessary for a gradual and visible hair reduction.

Recommended number of treatments ranges from only 4-6.

Note: Only active hair can be treated.


Confirmed price on consultation – Courses are buy 3 up front get 1 FREE

Lip/chin from $49 each (both from $69)

Sides of Face from $59
Underarms $59
Bikini Line from $69
G/string from $89
Brazilian from $99
Bottom $29 (with Bikini or Brazilian)
Lower Tummy from $29 (with Bikini)
Full legs $199
Lower Legs $129

Upper Legs $149
Full arms from $99
Arms (upper or lower) $89
Full Back from $169
Full Back including shoulder/neck $199

Quantum IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Pulse light therapy and 590nm wavelengths stimulate the cellular turn over, thus generating new collagen.

This will also assist with improvements on broken capillaries and diffused redness and treats pigmented lesions such as sunspots.

You will instantly see visible results in skin texture, firmness, fine lines and a more even skin tone.

– Please call to book in for your FREE test patch and consultation.

All IPL treatments are performed by Paramedical or Dermal Aestheticians.


IPL Photo Skin Rejuvenation

IPL Skin Rejuvenation – Collagen Induction, Pigmentation or Vascular

Full face $199
Back of hands from $59
Neck /declotage from $199 ($99 when added to face treatment)
IPL Pigment – Face lesions, spot treatment from $59
IPL Vascular – Face lesions from $59