Performed with high quality non-recyclable strip and hot wax. Please feel free to request which wax you would like in your treatment

Eyebrow shape $22 Lip $14
Eyebrow Teen Tidy $18 Lip Chin and Eyebrows $35
Chin (from) $10 Lip, Chin Sides of Face (from) $45
Sides of face (from) $12  Nose $12
Bikini (from) $22 Lower tummy (from) $10
Top of bikini (from) $10 Brazilian (First time from) $65
Brazilian (regulars from) $55 G-string extended bikini wax (from) $35
U/Arm $20 Full arm wax $35
¾ Arm $32 ½ Arm wax $29
Full leg wax $55 Full leg and basic bikini from $65
¾ Leg wax $45 ½ Leg wax (upper) with basic bikini wax $55
½ Leg wax lower $35

Quantum IPL

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